Hawaiian Plumeria Festival - Flower Show & Plant Sale, San Diego Cal.




15th Annual Hawaiian Plumeria Festival
2014 Flower Show & Plant Sale

Presented by the
Southern California Plumeria Society

Thanks to the 6000+ people who came to our 2014 Festival. We were so thrilled to see so many people excited about plumerias. We hope you enjoyed our performers Tipanie o Patitifa (Saturday) and the Cool Breeze (Sunday), as well as lei-making demonstrations by Margery Ohlson.

Thanks to those who made this year's festival a success: the entertainers who performed, the vendors who offered both plants and knowledge freely and generously, and our incredible volunteers, without whom none of this would happen.

As we relax and recover, you can pencil in March 28-29, 2015 for our next Cutting Sale and September 5-6, 2015 for the next Festival.

Mahalo and aloha!

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